Out of an abundance of love for neighbors, the Synod Board made the difficult decision to cancel the 33rd Synodical Convention scheduled for May 2nd.

As of March 25th, eight of the conference spring gatherings have also cancelled their events. Please check in with your conference president for further updates on those events.

Due to the changing news around COVID-19 and the ways Minnesota is doing all it can to slow down the spread, we are unable to guarantee future plans. However, the Synod Board is hopeful that a special convention to handle our elections and budgeting will take place in the near future. We also hope to utilize the fall leadership gathering on August 22nd to handle things such as installation of officers and in kind offering drop offs. Much is still to be worked out in the coming weeks. Please check back on our website for future updates!

We all pray for your continued health, safety and care in this painful and uncertain time.

God Bless,

SWMN WELCA Synod Board

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